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The Story of Travel Getaways by Connie


When you come from a big family of 10, traveling doesn’t happen often, when it did, you didn’t go far.  Vacations were spent with lots of cousins at the beach where so many childhood memories were made.  It was later that she discovered the thrill of adding the special touches to make an ordinary vacation truly exciting.

Being raised in a small Ohio town to becoming a worldwide travel expert, Connie has set her sights on reaching every inch of the globe! Her first great adventure began when she married the love of her life at 18 and began her family shortly after.  While raising four children, they took their family to the beach and on short road trips. The journeys really seemed to begin when they took the kids to Disney World for their first big family vacation.  

From there, the travels didn't stop! They won a cruise on the Big Red Boat (we considered this a first version of Disney), took a fantastic vacation to Nashville, and then splurged on a big, multi-generation family vacation of 13 to Punta Cana in 2017.  Connie's love of traveling allowed her to make more memories while taking sister trips, girls’ trips and couple trips; she learned that there is nothing better than traveling with your family and friends. You hold on to those memories for a lifetime.

As a travel planner, she now seeks to help other families and couples make their own memories that will last forever. The agency was inspired out of Connie's passion for travel, meeting new friends and of course, embarking on new journeys. Her full-time career developed her attention to detail and eye for the finer points. Then, those qualities transferred perfectly into her true passion for the world, which she began in 2013. When she saw the opportunity to own her own business like she has always dreamt of, Connie jumped at the chance. Today, she welcomes every opportunity to help travelers achieve their travel goals.  

We realize you would be trusting Travel Getaways by Connie with a huge investment, not just money, but your time and vacation.  We live in a country where we are some of the most underpaid in regard to paid vacation time.  The "one week" of vacation time that a client comes to me with is very precious. It's my priority to make your dream vacation paired to your preferences that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to create your absolute best experience by providing pristine customer service, outstanding value, and a hassle-free vacation. 


 As for Connie, her visions have taken her to the Caribbean several times over, Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, Austria, Budapest, and (her favorite!) Italy. Her extensive travels give her plenty of experience to work with when it comes to planning all new getaways. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients happy. Connie says, "As a Travel Advisor and owner of Travel Getaways by Connie, LLC, I absolutely love to help clients check some of the items off of their bucket list, plan their dream vacations, honeymoon and milestone celebrations.  We enjoy tailoring and crafting a personalized experience." For proof, look no further than the compliment of extensive referrals she has earned over the years from clients that have helped to grow her business. To become one of them, schedule a time to chat about your dream getaway here.   

Our story

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Connie's Travel Gallery

What makes our service special is that it is personal service from your personal travel expert. Check out Connie's favorite travel moments below to see where her passion for travel comes from:

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