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Group Travel Packages by Connie

Travel with the whole family, a few friends, or with like-minded friends with a group vacation package. Private groups with your own selection of travelers can look like a family reunion trip, a destination wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or perhaps simply a weekend away with a few friends. Agency-created group packages create a travel opportunity open to all, with a selected itinerary. No matter if you're traveling with your own group or with one of our groups, every traveler will be taken care of during the travel process. We specialize in creating large and small travel group experiences for every occasion such as weddings, corporate events, family reunions, birthday parties, and more!

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What's Included

  • Pre-determined travel itinerary and trip organization

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Lodging and accommodations

  • Dining and beverage options 

  • On-site entertainment and activities 

  • Group activity arrangements as needed

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Consider the Possibilities

  • Flight upgrades

  • Transportation upgrades

  • Pre-/Post trip extensions

  • Upgraded lodging options

  • Private tours 

  • Private reservations

Group Trip Ideas

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Adults-only Groups

Leave the kids at home for this one! Enjoy a vacation just for the adults and give yourself the true vacation you deserve. Host a getaway in Jamaica with other couples, plan a golf trip with the buddies on a golf resort, or arrange a luxury spa getaway just for the girls. Adult vacations give you the pampering you’ve been missing out on all year, so let yourselves have some fun!

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Group packages can be created to accommodate anywhere you want to go. Let loose in Vegas for a bachelor or bachelorette party, gather the whole family for a reunion in Mexico, or explore island oceans during a theme cruise. Take a Greek cruise with new friends! Book a trip to Hawaii just for the girls. Consider taking your company on an annual trip to meet, learn and celebrate business major milestones. Imagine the possibilities of crafting your own group vacation.

Starting a Group Trip

Have an idea for a group trip? Whether it's a family reunion, an annual friend trip, a corporate event, or a wedding, we can accommodate whatever type of group you have. Appoint a group decision maker who can start planning with us! Once we coordinate the details, we'll determine an easy-to-follow plan to get all travelers on board. You can trust in us to communicate with the group to remind them of important travel to-dos and final payments!

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Are you ready for your next getaway?

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